We focus on 2 confirmation schedules which rotate each year. Schedule A  covers the Small Catechism and includes the following lessons:


  1. Why Confirmation?
  2. Introduction to the Bible
  3. Prayer Life Line
  4. Key Elements of Worship
  5. Luther’s Small Catechism: The 10 commandments (1-3)
  6. LSC: The 10 Commandments (4-6)
  7. LSC: The 10 Commandments (7-10)
  8. Apostle’s Creed
  9. Apostle’s Creed
  10. The Lord’s Prayer
  11. The Lord’s Prayer
  12. The Lord’s Supper
  13. Holy Communion
  14. Baptism
  15. Who is Martin Luther?

Schedule B will focus on the Old Testament/New Testament:


  1. Creation
  2. All have Sinned
  3. The Flood
  4. Abraham/Sarah/Isaac/Rebekah/Jacob/Esau
  5. Joseph
  6. Moses and Promised Land
  7. King David and Split Kingdom
  8. Israel
  9. Exile and Return
  10. Birth of Jesus
  11. Wilderness Temptation
  12. Beatitudes/Parables
  13. Last Supper
  14. Crucifixion
  15. Resurrection

The 3rd year or 9th grade year focuses on more church/community life involvement and discovering and figuring out what “they believe” and forming their own faith development. The fall of 10th grade is when our youth are confirmed.

Confirmation Requirements:

Attend all listed/scheduled events:

See the 7th and 8th grade confirmation schedule


Each 7th grade youth must Acolyte 2 months out of the year.

Each 8th grade youth must Acolyte 1 month out of the year.

Sign up for this is at the first meeting or you can contact the church office. If you are unable to make it to your assigned month you must find your own replacement and switch commitments with another youth.

Confirmation Camp

The summer after 7th grade year each youth must attend confirmation camp. If this is not completed they may attend the summer after 8th grade year. The church covers half of the cost of camp and each family is responsible for the other portion. Camp dates are out in the spring.

Sermon Notes

Complete 2 sermon notes per month or 18 sermon notes. Photocopies of the sermon notes are in your binder.


Each week at confirmation there may or may not be homework. If there is an assignment the assignment will be sent home with the child and also emailed to the family. We ask that you take 10-15 minutes during the week to complete this assignment and bring it back the following week to class signed by the parent.

Soup Supper

During Advent 7th grade families will provide and serve soup supper on Wednesday, December 2nd from 5:30-6:30 PM.

8th grade families will provide and serve soup supper on Wednesday, December 9th from 5:30-6:30 PM.

Money raised helps with paying for half of the camp expense as well as youth and confirmation ministry.

Easter Breakfast

7th Grade families are responsible to help serve and provide food for Easter Breakfast. This money goes directly to camp funds. We also ask that 7th grade families help provide a basket for our annual baskets and bidding fundraiser that takes place in the spring.

Parent Involvement

  • We ask that all 7th and 8th grade parents require and encourage their youth to attend all events scheduled. Ask about their experiences and help them grow in their faith. If the youth is unable to attend the parent must contact the church and a makeup event must be scheduled.
  • Each 7th and 8th grade family must choose a Wednesday evening to help provide Supper on Wednesday evening from 5:30-6:15
  • We ask that all parents sign up for 2 classes per semester to help with classroom management and more importantly to be involved in the faith walk of their child.


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