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Two Strike

Mission Statement:  Proverbs 29:18  “Without a vision the people perish.”We continue to share Christ’s Gospel with the Sicangu Lakota people with the goal to develop in Word and Sacrament a relationship thatbuilds on established Ministry and relationships on the Rosebud Reservation

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Shoulder To Shoulder

Learn more about our companion congregation in Iringa, Tanzania

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Chapel Renovation

In April 2016 the LCDR congregation voted to renovate the original chapel so that it could be utilized for more worship and youth activities. Members of the chapel renovation committee are:

Steve Munk
Ron Visser
Wayne Coffaa
Allen Brown
Bill Nelson
Lisa Wilber
Gaylon Trygstad
Pete Torgusen
Dave Bredlow
Sue Bredlow

If you would like to donate to the chapel renovation fund, please contact Office Administrator Keri LeBrun

Giving And Stewardship

The Lutheran Church of Dell Rapids has two funds that need regular giving. One is the general fund for salaries and building maintenance, etc. The other fund is the building mortgage of the new worship building fund that will be retired in 5 years if consistent giving occurs. Please consider designating 5-10% of your regular giving to the building fund and the rest to general fund.  Also now members can designate funds to be used to renovate the old chapel.  

We also have several other funds that have needs: Chapel Renovation, Missionary Sponsorships, Baptismal Fund, Camp Scholarships, D.R.A.M.A., Youth Group, Graduation Quilts, Faith Chests, and Holiday Food Baskets just to name a few.  

Stewardship is also giving of one’s time to help with worship and many other opportunities. If you have not filled out a Time & Talents sheet, or would like to update yours, please turn it in to the office so that we can match you up with the committees and areas that interest you! 

Download the Time and Talent form now.